My first experience

My first experience

Getting to writte my own blog

My very first experience writting a blog is starting to sound like an adventure. I started looking for ways to get some money online and to generate a little bit of a venue and so I decided I will use blogging as a tool for this.


The first steps

My first steps in writting a blog were finding out what a blog should contain, what would atract more people to read my blog and, after that, to decide wich platform I would use. So the first ones were easier. I started reading e-books, searching through the internet for different forms of  blogs, what would attract more people to see my blog, how should I write it, the characteristics of a blog, how should my tittle be, how to do a resume for my tittle/subtittles, many things wich I gathered and tried to reunit in this very first post of mine. 


One of the best advices I received for posting and about posting is having a conversational tone, humor and direct and energetic sentences. Now, I know I’m not the best writter, but I’m getting there slow and steady. Of course, after reading some success articles, from the known Brian Tracy and after listening to one of hes speech from when he was little I decided I wanted to start posting on and on .Image


Content reading

Some of the subject I would be interested in writting would be my experiences in life, games, products, other posts, videos, challenging for people. I also want to post reviews about other people, about their videos, about their experiences, photos, opinions. And from time to time, I want to realise motivational posts for people in general, to inspire, to get determined for things they want.


Getting more from this

What I want is to make my viewers content with what I write and get more people to share my opinion with.

Finding people who share the same interests as me is nice and I would like to get to know their point of view about what I write or about my opinions. 

Any other opinion is happily accepted as a feedback and I recommend you start today as well if you have anything planned. What should I write about next time?


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