You might need a little bit of encouragement, a little bit of  momentum, a little bit of power to contiune with what you are doing. You might need something to drive you, to make you follow what only you are following. Not being determined will make you quit and you won’t get what you want.


Do not!

Don’t let anyone move you from your vision, don’t let anyone disturb what you want to do or what you want to achieve, bit by bit, element by element, detail by detail. Do not second-guess about things, it will make you distracted, you won’t get yourself where you want. You will not get full potential of what you want to achieve. You will fail to get yourself pleased by what you accomplish, you might even let others down while you do not concentrate and strive on what you want. Do not quit, quitting is for losers. You do not want half of what’s important for you, you do not want just a part of what is ment for you, you want all of it. Don’t let others dictate what you want, don’t work for others, don’t think for others, do it for yourself.



Decide what you want! Make a decision on what you want, get hungry with it, with your passion, find it, breath it, eat it and when you think you’re done, do it again! Find the right motivation that makes you stay in the race, that makes you battle with everyone and everything trying to stop you and makes you want to win! Breathe your vision, your image of the achievement, the image of you accomplishing what you want to do, if it getting a new car, getting a new job, getting a new life, see it, incorporate it in you, start acting like you really want it, like nobody can stop you from getting it, decide you won’t quit even if the most awful things happen to you and you will succeed! 


“I’ll tell you this

in any fight

it is the guy who is willing to die

who is going to win that inch” – Al Pacino, Inch by inch – Any given sunday!


Now get it done!

Writte down what you want to get, make a list of 10-15 things you want to achieve over a year. Write your motivation, your “Why?”, make it bigger and better everytime you think about your goal. Start listening to motivational speeches, you might think it’s a waste of time but repeatedly doing it will start making you determined and driven by with you purpose. Start going to seminars, motivation is right around the corner. Take action!



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