Gentlemen Principles

How to setle as a gentleman

The gentleman is often overlooked in our times, in the contemporary, few know the right attitude of being a gentleman. But the character and the principles of a gentleman still stand out  and stand strong within most of men.


The Gentleman of the Past

The gentleman of the past is recognized by his upstaying position, his straight backbone, his up-showing nose, his often smiling face, natural movement of his body and pleasing ability to comunicate with people, verbal and non-verbal, showing grattitude and chivalry. A very common ability of a past gentleman is his attitude for the unknown people, also known as character, that has a substantially different aproach,other then the modern Gentleman. 


Open and polite with new people whom he has never met, the Gentlemen of the Past is showing his positivism in bringing the unkwon person in his life, seeking and pointing out the good and respectfully showing the negative behaviour in not so well manered people. Concentrating in showing the positive aspects, he is equally patient and calculated when in a fight, standing up for what he believes, for what he desires.

A good example of a Past Gentleman is shown in The Counte Of Monte Cristo, where the ingenious little boy, the captain’s right hand, Edmond Dantes, proves his potential, becoming one of the most respected gentlemen in Paris and known in the whole world. Going through different obstacles, he keeps his calm and respects the gentlemen’s code, even if his intentions are not good-oriented, adapting the code to his actuals need, to manipulate others.

Contemporary Gentleman

The contemporary gentleman is not so open oriented when comming to new people in his life. He’s being much more restrained when coming to allowing unkwon people in his life, being cold and rigid in his approach. He is more egocentric, concentrating all of the attention on himself, his character mostly missing the warm approach in what means new persons. He is not lacking the attitude of a gentleman, but he’s more egoistic than the “past” gentleman and is more reserved to according joy to others, even tought he’s respecting others in a well manered way. He’s attitute is cold and severe, but it’s there and he’s not missing it. 



Yet, in the world there are exceptions when coming to… mostly everything. And looking at Justin Timberlake, whom I consider to be one of the “modern” gentlemen, open and polite, saying his point of view and standing out for it, I can say he is one of the most successful contemporary gentleman in every aspect. Despite his sexual oriented themes in his songs, he’s behaviour reflects the character of a good man, respectful, with strong principels, never backing up, commited and keeping his word. Big acts, little gestures is what defines the attitude of a gentleman, Justin doing them every time he can, even for an unknown person.


The contemporary gentleman simply looks more rigid than the “past”one, yet there are plenty of examples in our time that can contrast with the regular type, proving the contrary. 

What do you think?


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