Second Interview

Nice to say that I’m at my second interview

I presented today the projects of the association (Association of Francophone Students from Iași) I’m in, for the second time, prowdly sustaining my friends in the interview. The emotions of the first one somehow flew through my muscles and I relived a infirm part of the talk, having just a little bit of the tension from it. 


Entering the stage

I first met the person who was going to interview me who was ok, then I went into the building to meet with the director of the studio. We made a plan for the show and, remembering the first interview at TVR1, I became a little bit nervous. But I said to myself it’s going to be ok and I started thinking about the people who inspired me along my life. I said to myself: “I have done it once, I’m just going to get better!”. I started talking about the projects in the association. I was good with it, positive and it all went well.


Camera, movie, action

When I entered the room I felt a little breeze going through my muscles, I kept moving. While I steel was sitting, I was confortable, but when someone began arraging my mic, I started thinking about the emotions I had in my first interview, which could make me start losing it. That would mean demotivating myself with the negative toughts, not making others to get involved in our projects, in our activities. I then thought about the people who inspired me, once again, took a deep breath and regained my calm and my control. I started actively participating at the conversation, determined by that thought and the possibility to represent my association in the interview, proudly presenting the project, in which, most of the time, I took part of. The conversation went my way, a good review was given to the association and the projects.


Take action

Even if it’s not the moment, even if you don’t always feel confortable in that position, you must man up and start taking action, start motivating yourself. Think of who is inspiring you, write it down, adress them, look fear in the eyes and confront it. Don’t let it make you fall apart. Stay motivated.